Grow useful from books


Find out what books your friend reads and you’ll know what manner of man or woman you have for a friend. Books contain the wisdom–as well as the foolishness of the ages. The greatest thoughts, the deepest experiences, the results of the most profound and prolonged experiments, are all embalmed in books.

Grow useful from books.

The character of a man is show by the books he selects. The character of a nation is largely determined by the books its men and women read. The wealth of the world is in its books, not in its gold and silver and precious stones and structures and lands.’

Grow useful from books.

Good books are real. They are cross sections of life. They tell the truth and conceal nothing. You take or leave what such a book teaches. You know, without asking, its true value. You think, act, walk, work–live with it. For the time you are of it–a part. You live over the thought that the writer lived. Though long years in his grave–again he breathes, and warmth is in his blood again. How marvelous is a book!

Grow useful from books.

Good books make sympathy a world trait. Progress is but the accumulation of Book power. With books gone the world would rot away. Good Books will put Poetry and Music into your smallest efforts.

Grow useful from books.

The world’s greatest doers have been the world’s greatest readers. ‘Read again’ said Napoleon to an officer on board the ship that was taking him into exile forever, ‘read again the poets; devour Ossian. Poet’s lift up the soul, and give to man his colossal greatness.’

Grow useful from books.

Read Good Books regularly and systematically. Learn Books. Love Books. LIVE Books.


– George Matthews Adams; You Can; pages 82-83 (emphasis and capitalization is the author’s)

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